3 Things You Need to Discuss with Your Party Makeup Artist

Jun 17, 2023

Elegant makeup with orange lips

Nailing the Perfect Party Look: The Top Three Things You Need to Discuss with Your Makeup Artist

The party season is upon us, and this is the perfect time to create stunning party makeup looks that captivate and delight. As a mobile makeup artist serving London, Essex, and Kent, Vin Virdi is here to make your makeup dreams come true. To ensure the outcome perfectly aligns with your vision, clear communication is key.

Each face presents a unique canvas, each with its distinctive contours, skin type, and underlying tones. As a seasoned makeup artist, Vin relishes the opportunity to bring out the best in each client, creating bespoke party makeup that leaves them feeling fabulous and confident.

Here are the top three aspects to consider when discussing your party makeup vision with Vin Virdi:

1. Illustrate Your Ideas: The Power of Visual Inspiration

When it comes to party makeup, words sometimes fall short in accurately describing the look you’re envisioning. Common terms like ‘natural’, ‘glam’, or ‘smokey’ can vary greatly in interpretation. Hence, providing Vin with inspiration images can clear up any ambiguity.

You don’t need to find a single image that encapsulates your envisioned look perfectly. Consider sharing a collection of images, each highlighting different aspects you love – a perfect smoky eye here, an appealing skin finish there, or a captivating lip colour somewhere else.

These visuals will give Vin a clear insight into your aesthetic preferences, allowing her to offer professional guidance to achieve the perfect party makeup look.

Reception Hair and Makeup
Reception Hair and Makeup
Reception Hair and Makeup
Reception Hair and Makeup

2. Open Up About Your Comfort Zone

Great party makeup is about more than just aesthetics – it’s about making you feel as good as you look. Therefore, your comfort level and personal style should be the guiding principle of your desired makeup look.

Whether you prefer a full-glam look with a bold contour and dramatic eyes, or you favour the subtle sophistication of a no-makeup makeup style, Vin respects and works within your preferences. Be candid about your comfort level to ensure the result is something you’ll adore.

3. Skin Undertones and Preferences: Your Makeup’s Best Friend

Understanding your skin is crucial for a stellar party makeup look. Your skin type, sensitivities, and undertones all play significant roles in the end result.

For instance, your skin’s undertone influences which shades of lipstick, eyeshadow, or foundation will flatter you most. Warm undertones often work well with golds, peaches, and warm reds, while cool undertones look striking with silvers, blues, and cool reds.

If you’re unsure about your skin undertone or type, don’t worry! Vin’s expertise will guide you through this, choosing products that work perfectly for you. If you have specific needs, like preferring vegan products or certain brands, Vin is more than happy to accommodate these and ensure you’re comfortable with the products used on your skin.

Perfect party makeup is a symphony of style, comfort, and natural beauty, amplified. By considering these three aspects – providing visual inspiration, discussing your comfort level, and understanding your skin – you can help Vin Virdi create the party makeup look you’ve been dreaming of.

Vin Virdi is ready to help you with your party makeup needs, ensuring a look that not only turns heads but also boosts your confidence. With a clear understanding of your vision, Vin can deliver a tailor-made makeup experience that leaves you feeling ready to shine at any party. Don’t wait, get in touch today, and let the party makeup magic begin!

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